Cucumber Babylon Hybrid Seeds (25+ Seeds)

Cucumber Babylon Hybrid Seeds (25+ Seeds)

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Babylon is a Mediterranean type slicing cucumber that produces smooth, slightly ribbed cylindrical fruit. Pick small (4-5″ in length) for optimal flavor and texture. Babylon is unbelievably sweet and crunchy, thin-skinned and has tiny white spines. The seeds and seed cavity are small as compared to a standard slicing type.

This listing is for (1 packet) 25+ Cucumber Babylon Hybrid Seeds.

Start indoor 2-3 weeks before last frost or direct sow after frost
Germination: 10-21 days
Exposure: Full Sun
Germination Rate: 98%
Sow Depth: 1/2" deep
Grow: Spring
Harvest: 63 days
Plant Type: Vine

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