Broccoli Green Magic Live Plants - 6 Seedlings

Broccoli Green Magic Live Plants - 6 Seedlings

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Broccoli are a staple in spring and fall vegetable garden. Gren Magic Broccoli is a hybrid variety of heading broccoli. this variety matures as little as in 60 days. It grows to an average height of 24" with a spread that is 24" wide. Tall, erect, plants give way to multiple side shoots once the central head is cut. It is an excellent choice for extended harvests for home gardeners. After cutting the main head, more side shoots develop, producing many more small to medium-sized heads throughout the summer.  


Plant Type: Vegetable

Fruit Size: 5-6" across

Grows Best In: Full Sun

Days to Maturity: 57 Days

Growth Type: Spring

Height: 24"

Seedling Spacing: Sow 24" apart in rows

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