Edible Flower Mix Seeds (6 grams)

Edible Flower Mix Seeds (6 grams)

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Fragrant, colorful and flavorful addition to the garden, the Edible Flower Mixture includes:

• Borage, with a cucumber-like flavor;

• Cilantro, with its tangy, fresh flavor and aroma;

• Nasturium, whose bright yellow, orange and red blooms have a spicy, pepper-like flavor;

• Calendula, which has a yellow orange flower and a mild, peppery flavor;

• Cornflower, with its bright blue flower and mild taste;

• Dianthus ‘Wee Willie,’ a tiny pink flower with a clove like flavor; onion-flavored Chives;

•Lemon Mint, which has a strong mint flavor;

•Pansy and Johnny Jump-Up, both with brightly colored flowers with a mild, slightly sweet flavor;

• Lavender Hyssop, licorice-flavored;

•English Daisy, also a lovely flower with a sweet, mild flavor.

*6 grams (this mix covers approximately 40 sq. ft)

Direct sow 2-4 weeks before last frost or direct sow
Germination: 5-14 days @
Exposure: Full Sun
Germination Rate: 90%
Sow Depth: 1/4" deep
Grow: Spring

Note: Prepare fertile, well-drained soil. Sow seeds in spring/summer after last frost in a sunny location. Keep soil moist. Fertilize as needed. Use these beauties to dress up your cuisine with garnishes or as an addition to salads.

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