Round Winter Melon Wax Gourd Seeds Heirloom Non-GMO (25+ Seeds)

Round Winter Melon Wax Gourd Seeds Heirloom Non-GMO (25+ Seeds)

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Round Winter Melon, a wax gourd is also called ash gourd, white gourd, tallow gourd, ash pumpkin, Chinese preserving melon and (Alu) Puhul. This large melon is vine grown for its very large, thick, white, sweet flesh fruit. It is eaten as a vegetable when mature. When ripe, the rind is covered with a waxy white coating that protects the fruit to be stored for many months, much like winter squash. Fruit weighs 14-22 lbs. Requires a long, warm growing season. 

The gourds are used in stir fries or combined with pork or pork/beef bones to make winter gourd soup. Also, makes a good pastry filling and jam. Cut open gourd, peel, scrape out seeds and cut into cubes.

Direct sow after frost
Soak seeds in warm water for 24 hrs to soften the hard seed coat
Germination: 7-15 days
Exposure: Full Sun
Germination Rate: 90%
Sow Depth: 1/4" deep
Grow: Spring
Harvest: 85-95 days

Note: Hand pollination may be necessary. Train to climb a vertical support for better air circulation and ease of harvest or leave to sprawl on the ground. 


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