Strawflower (Semi-Dwarf) Bouquet Mix Seeds Non-GMO (250+ Seeds)

Strawflower (Semi-Dwarf) Bouquet Mix Seeds Non-GMO (250+ Seeds)

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Strawflowers are a great addition to your cut flower garden. Their blooms are exceptionally durable and great for making arrangements. This mix includes varying hues of red, bronze, yellow, pink and white. Bloom reaches 2.5" across, plant height 2'.

Start Indoor 4-6 weeks before last frost
Germination: 10-21 days @
Exposure: Full Sun
Germination Rate: 90%
Sow Depth: Surface Sow
Grow: Spring
Days to Bloom: 75-85 days

Note: Sow very close to the surface of the soil, covering only with the slightest dusting of finely sifted soil.

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